I worked on the website for most of the day... since yesterday afternoon. Just taking in the advice of "How much can you get done in a week?" I chose to take my time learning and memorizing the tags, and trying to use them in my website. I also gave it some graphics I made myself!

I eventually realized how silly I was being.

You remember back on the last log when I said I'd learn XML to make articles? I wanted to personally draft those articles like a scrap book; some text for this section, and a relevant doodle or three... And then have all of them in a folder named articles and arrange them by date, and make JavaScript read all that data and output the articles for viewing.

My idea, while not exactly useless and farfetched, is redundant in the case of my vision. I am having a BLAST putting HTML and CSS all in one page, exactly like I'm personally drafting my website like a sketchbook. And the more I learn and wrote and played, the more I realized that maybe formatting text and styling content is not XML's job. Whoops.

So I guess now I have to figure out what to do with XML once I learn it. ):<

Here's a preview of the website, by the way.

A scaled down JPEG image of a website page. It has a pattern of bees, thunder clouds, and an orange streak in the background. A header reads out "MANDANCINGMOJI!" (stylized in all capital letters), hovering over a white box. There's also a blurb note on the left side of the image. A scaled down JPEG image of a website page. A header says "SITE MAP!" (stylized in all capital letters) with a list below it.
Fig 1. & Fig 2. - The only pages that are drafted are the index page and the site map.


So, I did get started on making the website! I got the site map outlined, and I'm learning how to write xml so that I could make articles!

Got my priorities and schedule sorted out (finally). It will be slow, though. Once-a-week-work-time kind of slow.

Just needed to make this so that anyone interested in what goes with me won't be left with radio-silence.


Sorry guys. I decided to demolish everything in here to start from scratch. I downloaded the old version of the site before-hand, so nothing's lost.

So welcome to my site! Everything's very, VERY bare right now, but I do really love the thought of having something online to truly call my own. I'd say that I got inspired to try a hand at being a webmaster instead of seeing this as merely a project.

Plus, it challenges my coding and programming skills, some of the stuff I've just learned from college, and let's me dabble more into software development... Or maybe I'm getting overly ambitious again. I have an idea on how to conveniently create blog-pages, but I think some people had already done something similar. That's not stopping me from wanting to take a pot-shot at it.

For now I'll just start off with making a sitemap. I'll do it when I get the time.